Saturday, June 19, 2010

Unorthodox: An Introduction

Sometimes when people see the word 'unorthodox' they think taboo or bad. This is not the case with me or with my blog. As defined by most dictionaries, Unorthodox simply means: independent in behavior or thought. There are certain standards that every backpacker follows, such as bring a backpack, bring food, bring water. If you break away from those things and try to 'free think' and do something non-conforming then you will likely end up dead or in really bad shape. Way to be a free thinker on that one. However, there are certain aspects of backpacking that can be allowed the privilege of unorthodox thinking. That will be the basis of this blog along with added content about my trip and other things backpacking that come to mind.

This upcoming summer I will be doing the John Muir Trail, again. I have done this trail several times now and with the combined experience from my dad I will be writing on ideas and concepts that might make your backpacking experience more enjoyable, functional and unorthodox. What happens when unorthodox becomes the orthodox? What happens when thinking outside the box becomes the norm?


  1. This is great Cameron. Can't wait to read more!

  2. You must be one of those guys that burns his poo-paper.

  3. Looking at the list:
    I never understood trowels. I have never lacked for a radom stick or pointy rock to dig a poo-hole with.
    Nail clippers? agood swiss army knife has a pait of sissors that work great as well as all the other cool stuff.
    Our river crossers are way cool...thanks Borg. I'll know how cool in about 4 weeks.
    did the list mention duck tape? gotta have duck tape.

  4. For me I just classified duct tape under "Repair Kit". By the way, his name is Bjorn not Borg.

  5. That's right the Borgs' were from one to the Star Treck movies. I think they wore bright yellow shoes...